Wheel Alignments and Tire Wear

August 25th, 2016

A poorly-aligned vehicle means much more than an annoying pull to one side while driving a straight line on the highway.Wheel Alignments in College Station TX

Your vehicle leaves the factory with the wheels set at specific angles relative to the frame and to a imaginary straight line down the center of the car. These angles are designed for optimum steering response, handling, ride quality and road manners. Over time, however, normal wear and tear or a hard hit on a curb or railroad track can be enough to jolt the wheel alignment out of spec.

When that occurs, the wheel that has skewed out of alignment will constantly try to steer the vehicle in another direction, hence the tiresome pull to one side. That means that that wheel is being dragged along by the rest of the wheels on the vehicle, which means more friction and rolling resistance to keep the vehicle headed down the highway. Obviously that costs you in terms of fuel economy, but it also means that the tire that’s out of alignment is having its tread scrubbed away along an inside or outside edge.

This type of tire wear is not covered under a tire treadwear warranty!

Get down on one knee and have a look at your front tires. Do you see uneven wear along one edge? Run your hand along the tread surface – if you can feel a jagged, “sawtooth” contour to the tread, that’s another trouble sign.

Note that a pull to one side isn’t always an indicator of alignment problems; it can also be due to a poorly inflated tire, crowned pavement or even a crosswind. If you’re noticing uneven tire wear, though, it’s a sure sign your vehicle is in need of alignment work. Make an appointment with us at BCS Tires & Lifts in College Station, TX!

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