Time for Spring Cleaning Your Car…Inside and Out

March 14th, 2016

The bluebonnets are starting to spring up, the days are getting longer and the temperatures are starting to climb. A long, tough winter is behind us, and it’s time Auto Repair in College Station TX to get out and start enjoying spring…while it lasts, because in Texas you know that a sweaty summer isn’t far off. Spring is the perfect time to do a thorough wash-and-wax on your vehicle, vacuum and detail the interior and enjoy driving around in a clean, shiny car. Don’t stop there, though!

These are all some great ideas for a spring spruce-up for your vehicle:

·         Get an oil change done. Your engine needs clean motor oil to cut wear and friction and to avoid buildup of sludge or crusty carbon deposits. You should have the oil changed every 5-7,000 miles for conventional oil, and every 10-12,000 miles for synthetic oil (always check your owner’s manual for manufacturer’s recommended service intervals). Not sure when your last oil change was? Pop the hood and pull the oil dipstick. Clean motor oil should be honey-colored and translucent. Motor oil that’s starting to get a little brownish but is still translucent should be changed in the next couple of thousand miles. Oil that’s the color of black coffee, with a strong acidic or gasoline smell, needs to be changed right away.

·         Check the fluids, and everything else. That includes things like the brake fluid, hoses and hose clamps, air filter, exterior lights and headlights, wiper blades, transmission fluid, coolant and power steering fluid. Get a look under the vehicle and check for leaks, while you’re at it.

·         Check your tires. Tires need to be rotated at about 5,000 mile intervals to ensure even wear. It’s a good idea to go ahead and schedule a tire rotation at the same time as your oil change, since the vehicle will be off the ground on a lube rack anyway. While you’re at it, check the inflation on all four tires; proper inflation is vital to fuel economy and long tire life. Remember that failing to rotate your tires or driving on underinflated tires can negate your warranty!

These are all good ideas to keep your vehicle in top shape year-round, of course. Springtime offers a good opportunity to freshen up all kinds of things, so why not your vehicle too? We know it’s tough to find time to take care of things like spring vehicle maintenance, so make an appointment with us at BCS Tires & Lifts in College Station, TX and let us take care of it for you. We’ve got ASE-certified auto repair techs to take care of your oil change and any other maintenance or repair you might needs, and we’ll get you in and out quickly so you can enjoy springtime in Texas! 

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