The Advantages of Synthetic Oil

May 23rd, 2016

Motor oil…the stuff that’s drilled and pumped out of the ground, then refined, right?

Well, not anymore.

Manufacturers all recommend synthetic oil for their new models, for a multitude of reasons. Synthetic lubricants were first developed by the Germans during WWII, due to shortages of crude oil. They soon noticed that synthetic oil didn’t thicken in extreme cold, unlike conventional oil. That’s one of the advantages of synthetic…here are some others:

- Synthetic oil is more pure and doesn’t contain the paraffin and other impurities that conventional oil does, even after extensive refining and filtering.

- Along with better flow properties in cold weather, synthetic oil doesn’t thin out when it’s very hot outside.

- “Shear strength” refers to the ability of an oil to keep its molecular structure when subjected to very tight tolerances and extreme pressure. Synthetic oil’s shear strength is superior to conventional oil, whose molecules can literally be torn apart under pressure.

- Synthetic oil can easily go for a 10-12,000 mile interval between oil changes, compared to 5,000 miles for conventional oil (always check your owner’s manual for manufacturer’s recommended oil change intervals).

- Earlier formulations of synthetic oil were rumored to degrade seals and gaskets, causing oil leaks. This is no longer a problem and hasn’t been for years. It’s safe to use in any vehicle, regardless of age or miles.

- By cutting friction, synthetic motor oil can result in better power and fuel economy.

- Synthetic oil is developed and manufactured in a lab, not pumped out of the ground. Synthetic motor oil reduces dependence on foreign oil and doesn’t deplete oil reserves.

The jury is in, and synthetic motor oil outperforms conventional oil in every aspect of engine protection. While it’s considerably more expensive per quart, synthetic oil’s longer interval between oil changes helps offset that higher price. If you’re in College Station, TX and it’s time for an oil change, why not consider synthetic oil? Give us a call at BCS Tires & Lifts for your next oil change

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