Start Spring Off Right with a Fresh Oil Change

April 22nd, 2015

Oil Change in College Station, TXDrivers don’t need to be reminded that we had a hard winter across the US, and even in Texas. That’s behind us now, the bluebonnets are in bloom and it’s time to start thinking about spring! Let technicians at BCS Tires & Lifts in College Station, TX assist with speedy, reliable auto repairs and oil changes this spring.


If you can’t remember when you had your last oil change, why not start off spring on the right foot by having your oil changed?


If there’s one thing that’s key to keeping your car or truck running well for a long, long time, it’s oil changes at regular intervals. Over time, motor oil picks up dirt, microscopic metal shavings, grit and combustion byproducts. Those contaminants begin to break down the oil’s effectiveness, and dirty motor oil doesn’t lubricate as well, accelerating wear on moving parts like pistons, bearings, cam, lifters and distributor. Sediments and deposits start to accumulate on internal parts and oil galleys, and with enough neglect you can end up with a thoroughly gunked-up engine.


The 3,000-mile rule for oil change intervals has been stretched somewhat over the years as mineral-based oil formulations have been improved. Most engineers and mechanics now agree that a 4,000-5,000 mile interval is perfectly fine for today’s oils. Synthetic oils can go even farther -- a 7,500-10,000 mile interval is advisable for most synthetic and synthetic-blend oils (check manufacturer’s recommendations).

Newer cars and trucks are better-designed and better-built than their predecessors from the 70s and 80s...thanks to better machining and better assembly, it’s now not unusual to get 250,000 miles out of a well-maintained vehicle. That maintenance should start, though, with regular oil changes -- so why not give us a shout at BCS Tires & Lifts, set an appointment with our oil change techs and bring that truck on in? BCS Tires & Lifts is proud to be customer’s first choice in oil changes and auto repair in College Station, TX.

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