Preventive Auto Repair for the Road Ahead

April 17th, 2014

auto repair college station txKeeping your vehicle maintenance up-to-date is the most important tool to avoiding major auto repair. Expensive auto repair can be almost entirely prevented by taking these anticipatory steps of car maintenance while scheduling regular inspections with BCS Tire Pros.

Often it does not take a professional to detect a small problem with a vehicle, which may worsen over time if not properly addressed. Between servicing, be aware of your vehicle and the sounds it makes or check engine lights. Let BCS Tire Pros help you to become more knowledgeable about your vehicle.  Simple information such as knowing how to check your oil or spotting a leak could save a costly auto repair in the long run.

Replacing filters in your vehicle is a vital step to keeping your car road ready. Many customers believe filters only need to be replaced when they are completely full, however, changing them frequently will not only promote the longevity of your vehicle, but also give you improved gas mileage and help purify air entering the vehicle. Schedule oil changes regularly, whether your oil appears to be clean or dirty. Regular oil changes will save unneeded costs in the future and keeping a servicing schedule ensures you will not forget.

Locally owned and operated, BCS Tire Pros has proudly served the College Station area for over two years. Promoting the highest quality in workmanship and products, BCS Tire Pros has tires and auto repair to fit any budget and service a wide variety of makes and models. Schedule online today or request a free quote.

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