Body Lift Kit? Or Suspension Lift Kit?

August 24th, 2016

There are two types of lift kits on the market…body lift kits, and suspension lift kits. What’s the difference?Lift Kits in College Station TX

Body lift kits give your truck or SUV’s body a couple of inches of extra ground clearance, by putting a set of nylon spacers between the body and frame. Since the suspension isn’t really touched, a body lift kit doesn’t affect the ride quality of your vehicle. Body lift kits will give your vehicle more clearance for off-road use, but it’s very time-consuming since the body has to be disconnected from the frame, lifted and bolted back down again. It also makes the frame and fender wells much more visible, and stock, factory bumpers will not be raised along with the body.  And while the ride quality might not change much, you might notice a difference in handling due to the higher center of gravity.

Suspension lift kits are great if you really want to get serious about going off-road, since they’re available at any ride height you’d like. You can install bigger tires with a suspension lift kit, giving your undercarriage and differentials a lot more ground clearance. While a towering suspension lift kit has its advantages, there are down sides too.

The more radical the lift kit, the more it’s a complete re-engineering of suspension and drivetrain angles. Suspension lift kits can alter steering and suspension geometry in significant ways, affecting road manners and handling and possibly wearing out suspension and drivetrain parts prematurely.  In addition, a lift kit can void a warranty  on a new vehicle…and of course, you might eventually get tired of clambering in and out of a truck with an 8” lift kit on it.

Body lift? Suspension lift? Mild or radical? The choice is up to you! Whatever you drive and whatever you decide to do with it, we can take care of you at BCS Tire Pros in College Station, TX! Make an appointment with us for your lift kit! 

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