All I Want For Christmas Is…a Safe Vehicle!

December 10th, 2015

Once we cross over into adulthood, Christmas gifts get harder to pick out, and that only gets tougher as we get older. Instead of buying a kitchen gadget, a Brake Repair in College Station TX boring tie or slippers, a piece of exercise equipment or some other gift-for-grownups that’ll get used once and then put in the back of a closet, why not give someone the gift of safety this year? It’s a pretty great way to show how much you care for someone, when you think about it.

A great “gift of safety” for someone could be brake repair for their vehicle.

Brakes wear down very gradually, and many people often might not notice a gradual change in braking performance. These are all some things to watch out for, though:

·         Excessive brake pedal travel – pedal goes farther or almost to the floor before brakes engage

·         Pulsating sensation felt through brake pedal while braking

·         Steering wheel pulls to one side while braking

·         Screeching, squealing or metallic grinding sound while braking

·         ABS or Brake light on dashboard illuminated

·         Longer stopping distances

Any of these indicators mean that it’s time for brake service. Since a set of brakes can typically last 50-60,000 miles, it can be tough to notice deteriorating brakes until they get to the point where these signs show themselves. That’s why it’s sometimes a good idea to let someone else drive the vehicle so they can register their own impressions about what braking performance is like.

One thing is for sure, though. Procrastination on brake service isn’t just unsafe – it can have financial consequences. Brake pads that are left too long without being changed will eventually wear down to their steel backing plates, at which point the rivets on the plate will start to cut into the smooth steel rotors and leave deep gouges. That’s when your simple brake service suddenly costs a lot more than you thought it would! Fortunately, many designs of brake pads feature a spring-steel wear indicator that protrudes from the backing plate. The wear indicator is designed to drag on the rotor when the pads reach a certain minimum thickness, and the squeal that results should be enough to alert a driver to impending brake service.

At BCS Tires & Lifts, our brake service package includes:

·         Replacement of brake pads

·         Resurfacing of rotors to manufacturer’s specs (replacement of rotors if needed)

·         Check of all brake hardware, brake lines

·         Check of brake fluid for level and condition

·         Check of power brake booster

·         Check of ABS system’s sensors, pumps and valves

Brake system repair is something that every vehicle needs at regular intervals, but it isn’t in the same category as something like cooling system service or air filter replacement. Obviously, brakes are tied directly in to your vehicle’s safety!

When you schedule an appointment for brake repair with BCS Tires & Lifts in College Station, TX, it’s a great way of showing someone that you’re thinking about them this Christmas. It’ll make you into a great Santa for grownups!

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